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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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ensure that there wouldn't be any continued water flow from the reservoir itself. the reservoir on the hillside above contains 20 times the amount of water that was released so damage was minimized and the neighborhood probable saved. >> they picked up a great deal of debris, dirt, grass from the park which really created a muddy mess out there. >> reporter: daly city clean up crews responded immediately. dozens of big trucks hauled the heavy wet muck away all day. equipment included a fleet of huge cleaning vacuum trucks. you have to get this stuff while it's still pliable because down there in the sewer it can set up like concrete guaranteeing more flooding in future storms. right now it's very, very critical to get it washed down while you can see it's still malleable and we can get it out of the storm drain. >> reporter: now the major
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problem remaining, what to do about that big gash in the hill above. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. let's give you a live look now from our own news chopper 2. you can see the difference 12 hours makes. we just showed you pictures of how the street was covered with muddy water. and we just showed you the live pictures and you can see how crews are cleaning it down. one resident said he woke up thinking there had been some kind of storm. he then looked outside and saw his lawn covered in mud and the stream of mud flowing down the street. >> christien kafton continues our coverage on the clean up and the one big concern neighbors have. >> reporter: crews still working at this hour trying to clear the mud left over from this water main break. now that that these homes are
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safe, neighbors worry about the huge gouge out there taken out of that hillside leaving exposed mud and the worry is that one good rainstorm could bring that hillside sliding down. >> neighbors say it all started with the sound of rushing water shortly before 4:30 this morning. emergency workers say a water main broke sending an estimated 40,000-gallons of water and mud cascading down the hillside. you can see what neighbors awoke to, several feet of mud. >> my daughter go to work and mud is just all over the place. >> reporter: emergency workers who arrived this morning saw the big gouge taken out of hillside and evacuated the area. >> our public works engineering department is coming out to do an assessment on the hillside. so that those homes that we evacuated to make sure it's
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safe for them to go back into the home. >> reporter: arturo romero is one of the home owners that came home to see the huge hillside that came down. >> that hillside is going to be soaked wet when the rain season comes. >> reporter: no homes were damaged and fortunately no one was hurt. water service was temporarily affected in the area. one of the other major issues was freeing all those cars from the mud. we'll get into that story for you coming up at 6:00. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. another live picture now from news chopper 2. even though much of that mud has been cleaned up. there is still a lot more to clean up what you're looking at here is a park that is covered in mud. so will rain hamper the effort? the forecast is coming up in just 17 minutes.
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you can see more images of today's mud flood in daily city by going to our website click on the photos tab near the top of the page. new details tonight in our ktvu investigation of spending at the port of oakland. executive director of the port officially resigned on november 8, four days before the port made the announcement last night. in his resignation letter, benjamin sited the reimbursement effort. >> i would hope they would do an independ investigation to make sure they're not scapegoating omar but to change the culture of the port. >> today the port spokesman
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declined to speak out on omar's resignation. and there has not been any decision on quan who is also mentioned on the complaint. they're calling mcafee a person of interest. gregory fall was found shot to death inside his home sunday morning. mcafee called wire magazine who said he is innocent and he felt the gunman was going after him. and that police will kill him if they find him. >> i've heard this man is a compulsive liar. there's reports that police raided his home. but police say he's been working with us and we really like this guy so a lot of contradictory situation. >> last week four of mcafee's
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dogs were poisoned. and there are reports that mcafee and fall did not get alon. mcafee has started his company in 1994. a man has been convicted of several rapes and now faces life in prison. david stevenson is live at the courthouse and tells us why it took so long to have the charges read. >> reporter: the charges were so numerous it took 39 minutes to read all of the verdicts. >> we the jury find the defendant fredrick a.dosser jr. guilty of the crime. >> reporter: a jury convicted dosser in connection with four brutal rapes last year. >> this is a man who does not belong in our community,frankly
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he's an animal. >> reporter: prosecutors say each rape became progressively more violent with victims beaten, choked, dragged or thrown on the pavement. all three victims testified against him. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant fredrick a.dosser not guilty of attempted murder. >> reporter: prosecutors say he still faces several life sentences. >> we are pretty happy that we have 25 guilty counts. i have to accept the process. >> i feel really relieved. >> i certainly followed it because i used to live on fair oaks street and one of the takes was on that street. >> reporter: dosser's defense
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team did not speak to the media, but after the trial i spoke to a woman who said that dosser is her son. she said, it's over, it's over. david stevenson. the streets of richmond will soon be monitored by a platoon of new cameras. two other surveillance cameras have been there. there's already been a drop in loitering. the cameras are meant as a deterrent and an extra set of eyes for police. >> folks sometimes want one in every corner and that cannot happen. but we can make sure if something is happening in those corners we will respond. jana katsuyama live here in
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oakland with the key piece of evidence that may help investigators. >> reporter: gasia, the director tells me that the artifacts that were taken came from the history gallery. there was some evidence captures on camera. oakland police have arrested one suspect. they turned over the surveillance video from security cameras to help the police. the door to the gallery was damaged along with the display cases. an alarm system alerted the 24 hour security guard to call police last night. staff say that the police responded within three minutes. but whoever stole the items had already left the building. >> unfortunately it seems that these burglars knew what they were looking for. they had identified the objects and came well prepared. so they were in and out very quickly. >> reporter: the museum says it does have insurance but won't say exactly what was taken. it wasn't the monetary amount of the stolen items it's the
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historic value they say that's priceless. the museum is normally closed on monday and tuesday. the gallery that was targeted might be closed for repairs. there's no word tonight on whether that suspect might have been working with anybody else or whether any of the items have been recovered so far. but they're hoping to solve this case soon. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. emeryville police now say that a warehouse where a big marijuana stash was found last week was a distribution center not a grow house. police seized 400 pounds of marijuana with the street valley of at least $250,000. authorities say all of the marijuana was found in buckets and bags and had been grown elsewhere then brought to that warehouse on halix street. the warehouse also had an assembly line, workers apparently packaged marijuana for sale. police believe the operation had been going on for several months. police are looking for help
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finding a man who has been missing. he's about 5'4" tall, weighs about 240 pounds. he is also hard of hearing. the family is offering a reward for his safe return. san francisco congresswoman pelosi is set to reveal tomorrow if she plans to remain the democratic leader in the u.s. house of representatives. the 72-year-old democrat has scheduled a late hearing. >> i will see you right here 10:00 tomorrow morning. while i love you all very dearly i thought maybe i would talk to my own caucus before i shared that information with you. >> congresswoman pelosi served four years as speaker of the house before democrats lost majority. she's been minority leading
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every since. in 25 minutes, nancy pelosi had very sharp words when discussing the petraeus scandal. melvin led the a's to american league west title and the team's first play off appearance since 2006. the team traded several key players during the offseason and some predicted the a's would lose 100 games. instead they were the lowest paid in baseball. we're talking about showers coming to the bay area and soon. i'll have all the details, see you in a bit.
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operators of the new outlet mall released new opening numbers. we first showed you these long lines of cars backing up on to the freeway when the paragon
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out lets opened on thursday. 160,000 cars and 425,000 shoppers visited the outlets from thursday through sunday. several stores broke opening day sales records. the outlets are planning a big 24 hour holiday kick off at 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. there are reports of a pricing deal for crab season. that means the crabbing season will take place. they hope to avoid a price dispute that could delay the opening season. crabbers wanted $3 a pound and buyers said they would pay $2.50 a pound. they have been reporting a modest cash. new pictures tonight that police in walnut creek want you to look at very closely. paul chambers tells us the pictures are of one of the suspects who police think was involved in a frightening kidnapping. paul. >> frank along with that picture police also released a surveillance video of one of the suspects, they say that suspect alone with a partner
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kidnapped a woman in an isolated parking lot. >> reporter: take a close look at this man, walnut police say he goes by the name aubrey and is responsible for kidnapping, and robbing a 58-year-old woman. this surveillance video shows aubrey going up to an atm where he withdrew money. police say that second suspect went by the name of david and the two men kept the victim for up to four hours. hitting up several atms in two or three different locations. they later dropped the victim here at an isolated part of oakland hills. for the victim's safety we blurred her imagine out but this is her in the back of the ambulance where she received attention. >> this does not seem like to us at this point that this was a spur of the moment thing. they put some thought into it. but we haven't found anything
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to link this victim to any suspects. >> reporter: now here's the description of suspect one known as david. he's a white male in his early to mid-20s. 185 to 195 pounds. last scene wearing blue or black jeans with a zip up. suspect two aubrey in his early to mid-20s, 5'nine -- 5'9". this may not be the suspects real names. they're also believed to have been seen driving away in a vehicle with a loud muffler. if you have information yourself call to call walnut creek police. hundreds of shares will hit the market tomorrow. shares will become eligible for sale. that's because of a lock up agreement which is expiring. the lock up restricted some shareholders from selling for a certain period of time to help
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boost the stock price by keeping stock supplies scarce. it hasn't worked though. facebook shares have lost half of their value since debuting at $38. the closing bell ended the market shares down. the dow was down 58 points. students say the 23 cal state campuses have gotten extra time on three proposed fee hikes. students who take more than four years to graduate are targeted. there's a new twist tonight against the puppeteer behind elmo. the young man who accused 52- year-old kevin clash of having sex with him when he was a
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minor has recanted his story. the man who is now in his 20s said his sexual relationship with clash was quote adult and consensual. clash denied the charge yesterday and took a leave of absence. he said he is in his words relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest. more americans are said to travel for thanksgiving but trips will be shorter. 23.5million americans will travel at least 50-miles from home over the holiday that's up almost 1% from last year. nearly 30% people are expected to drive and only 7% of holiday travelers say they plan to fly. a beautiful day today. but bill martin some changes still in the horizon. >> today was nice, tomorrow the next couple of days are going to be good. but things do change around and they change around in the wheel house of your holiday period. because as we get into friday
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something coming on. we get into something coming on. next week is thanksgiving. so it's sort of this aspect of the storm opening just as quick as we get into the next couple of weeks. as we go outside. you can see where the storm door is actually dropping some rain up around eureka. those showers are still pretty far north of the bay area. we can measure it down here. you're up a couple 100 miles. that's where they stay. showers aren't going to be here. until basically friday. so as you look at the live doppler radar, storm tracker 2 it spins but it doesn't pick up anything. but it might be picking something up thursday. 60 in mountain view, not a bad day. temperatures in the high end upper 60s, low 70s. temperatures as we head into your tomorrow are going to be warmer still. as it turns out your wednesday tomorrow will be your warmest day of the week. then from there starts to grow. temperatures cool some clouds
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come in. you might find some frost if you look hard in your inland bay valleys you might find soft 40s. most of us like napa, 41, 42 in concord. that's still chilly but not freezing like it was a few days ago. just a mild overnight low then we get more clouds each day. getting a little hazy sunshine. yellows are 70s so you get a feel for more 70s tomorrow. certainly more than we had today. and that's the warmest day of the week. that's your wednesday. thursday more clouds. and that will cool us off. i mentioned this last night in the 10:00 news. look at the pacific it's changed completely. jet stream way to the north. really the jet stream is where the flow is. the jet stream is really far south. if you look right here. you see my hand yeah. this area here it's going to drop down and swing in. when it drops out and swings in that's the system that's going to impact us. it's all changing around.
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when i come back we have the computer model and we'll go through each day and we'll show you where the rain is predicted to begin and when it should end as we head into thursday and friday. what a show stopper, how a little boy became the star during the ground breaking of a big project in a san francisco neighborhood. the scandal that brought down david petraeus, who's now being investigated after tens of thousands of pages of questionable correspondence. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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today the supreme court postponed when it will decide to hear cases on proposition eight. the justices will discuss these cases november 30th. if the supreme court decides not to hear the appeal, then the ninth circuit court ruling will stand allowing same-sex couples to marry in california. a dream came true today for one of ktvu's cox conserves heros. this was a big day. it was a neighborhood schoolboy who ended up stealing the show. >> this project will benefit our kids and give them something new to do after school rather than sneaking into movie theaters. it'll give our community kids new hope and will bring them support and help them with their goals. i would like to thank you all for coming out. >> reporter: nadu obinagu
5:26 pm
attends the school across the street from bodiquer park. it was ranked the worse of the 125 playgrounds. now that is about to change. today a public/private coalition broke ground on a sweeping renovation project. >> tenderloin is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in san francisco and it's much more diverse than people realize. we have a ton of youth, families and seniors that live here as well as many adults who need extrarecreational space. >> reporter: it includes a brand new clubhouse, and fitness equipment. betty trainer spend about a decade fighting for the improvements and that dedication won trainer recognition as a ktvu cox conserves hero. funding for the bodaker park project comes from a 2006 state park initiative along with private corporate donations. >> jerry brown appointed a retired marine corp.
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officers. governor brown says that major general anthony jackson will bring decades of problem solving experience to the parks system. the job was left vacant last summer when ruth coleman resigned. that happened after state investigators discovered that park administrators kept $54 million hidden from congress for more than 10 years. >> outside nob hill foods in raley's it's what you don't see that counts. what it took to end the strike. the david petraeus scandal expands. who else is being investigated and the questions being raised by top politicians.
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after nine days on the picket line, workers at raley's and nob hill foods are back at work tonight. this happened after a breakthrough in their contract negotiations. both sides say they achieved one of their primary goals. rob. >> frank, what a difference a day makes when we stood out here yesterday in front of this nob hill foods, picketers were outside the door now those same picketers are inside back to work. >> we won. >> reporter: when word came down at nob hill foods in alameda this morning workers began celebrating. time to toss the picket signs the nine day strike over. and instead of asking customers to boycott the story, workers held signs with a different message. at about the same time at the walnut creek store, joy esterbrok was returning to work. glad to be off the picket line. >> just that it was over.
5:31 pm
following the negotiation session, the work union of raley's reached an agreement. >> it was to maintain the ability to keep our families and retirees healthy and we've achieved that. >> reporter: shoppers say they're glad they won't see picket lines at their local supermarket anymore. >> driving by here and seeing them and seeing cars turn around, seeing cars honk you know, no i didn't like that at all. i'm glad they're gone. >> reporter: customers who refused to cross the picket line started coming back. >> i feel protective of the people who were. -- who work there, they're like our friends in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the propough sal will take place in the next two or three weeks and they expect
5:32 pm
it to pass. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the belmont city council is continuing a proposal to merge the city's fire department with two other cities. belmont went out on it own after a two year partnership with san carlos. the city has reached a preliminary agreement with san mateo and foster city. the belmont city council will consider this plan at a meeting tonight. >> we have learned the identity now of the man who died when his truck flip into a marine county reservoir. the victim was richard makamin irk. he lost control of his pickup truck on point rays petaluma road just west of necasco road. the truck ended up submerged with the roof about 4 feet under water. emergency crews said their efforts to resuscitate him were
5:33 pm
unsuccessful. a fire year legal battle ended today with a multi million settlement involving a california design firm. 13 people died, 145 were injured when the interstate 35w bridge collapsed into the mississippi river in 2007. today pasadena based jacobs. as part of the settlement, jacobs admitted no wrong doing. the victims received a $52 million settlement in 2010. >> today the sex scandal that brought down david petraeus is growing. and nancy pelosi is weighing in on what some consider the soap opera style dealings in washington. >> the woman at the center of the scandal has yet to break her silence. broadwell is seen here in a lexus suv backing into her brother's home where she's been
5:34 pm
staying. the fbi is investigating general daniels. the fbi is looking into e- mails. >> you can assure someone went over the line with her because she's just not that type of person. >> reporter: petraeus stepped down last friday. his registration nation leaves lawmakers in a lurch. they were planning to hear from the general this week over the attack in benghazi. >> i will say that i think it's absolutely impartive that general petraeus come and testify. >> and today california representative nancy pelosi says while she has questions about why congress wasn't told earlier she considers what happens to be dishonorable. not a security risk.
5:35 pm
>> if it doesn't involve national security, the notification requirement doesn't trigger. if it involves poor behavior yeah it would have been nice to know before we saw it on tv. >> reporter: cea director held meetings on capitol hill explaining the cia's take on what happened. he met with dianne feinstein. he will be meeting with the heads of house intelligence committee tomorrow. illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is no longer a patient at the mayo clinic after his treatment for bipolar. he was facing a new federal investigation into alleged misuse of campaign fund. he's been on a leave of absence from congress since last summer but even so he won reelection in his chicago position last week. the vote count is almost over in alameda county and the
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latest results are bad news for measure b1. that's the transportation sales tax. right now 65.79% of voters have approved the measure. that is just shy of the 66.66% or 2/3 majority needed. there are still tens of thousands of provisional ball visional -- ballots to be counted. measure b1 would have raised the sale taxes by 1 cent to fund transportation. police have been searching for a kidnap suspect. they found leggings, tennis shoes and a scarf but no girl. witnesses reported the incident late last night near a recreation center. they say a man aged 18 to 21 years old was seen punching the girl and dragging her by her hair. >> apparently this girl was ripping off clothes from this woman as he was dragging her up
5:37 pm
the hill. witnesses followed as long as they could, but when they lost sight of them they called police. >> no one has filed a missing persons report. despite being one of the most popular tablets in the world. the medical benefits some people can see from apple's i pad. why the university hopes to elevate the thinking on thank you.
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uc berkeley is launching a new project to research the power of gratitude. at the center of the project is an invitation for students to take part of the cal effort. they will be cared to see how posting and sharing affects their general disposition. researches now say that digital tablets like the i pad and kendell boost reading speeds in people with eye disease. reading speeds increased by more than 40 words per minute when use -gz an i pad and 12 words per minute while using a kendell. the contrast between words and
5:41 pm
the back lit screen is one of the reasons for the improvement. hundreds of gamers lined up overnight in san francisco to get one of the hottest video games of the year. this was the scene outside the game stop. nearly 400 people waited for the midnight release of the new call of duty black ops2. the game is set in the year 2025 and features plenty of zombies. they actually showed up as early as 5:30 last night to make sure they would get a copy of that game. here it is, motor trend's pick for car of the year. we will show you why the tesla s -- tesla s came out on top. >> a beautiful night outside, no fog. more warm weather coming and big changes as we head into a
5:42 pm
rainy period. i will have all the specifics back here in just a few minutes. a biker left unconscious on the street after a hit-and-run. why he abroke to find his bike missing and what he said about the accident. >> we're in a small creek in placer county that long before held a healthy salmon run. we'll tell you what will make it possible for that to happen once again. now see the newborn and meet the officers who made the sudden delivery. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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it is history, tesla s won the car of the year award. robert handa is here to tell us how this could rev up tesla and the silican valley.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: the award is bound to increase brand, but for both it's going to do so much more. richard lowenthal is not surprised that the tesla model s made history to become the first electric vehicle to make car of the year. it radioride as smooth as a rolls royce and it's as fast as a sports car. >> it's steady, hold on to your hats. >> it's a spectacular car. i've owned porsches, bmws, mercedes and this is as good as it gets. >> four palo alto based tesla who has struggled financially at times and is in a legal fight with car dealerships the award is a big boost. >> our overarching gold is to build a truly compelling car as
5:46 pm
far as gas electric, whatever it might be. >> from the charging stations to the batteries, a smart grid technology that's going to make sure that we don't overwhelming our existing electrical system. that's all happening right here. >> reporter: the tesla starts at $57,000 but for many people browsing at the santana store, the main concern is how far the electric car can travel. >> it's a big change though to having a dedicated range, you can't go beyond. >> reporter: well that is another improvement the tesla s has a range of 200 miles. one big draw back, the waiting list is already nine months and now will probably get longer. live in fremont, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the details of just how ambitious california's $68 billion high rail plans are is now beginning to sink in. today experts said the portion linking los angeles will be a
5:47 pm
quote engineering feat. that part of the line must cross the ranges. federal regulators have already approved the first range. microsoft and motorola went to court over a patent dispute. they will determine how much of a royalty microsoft should pay google. google bought motorola last year partly for its library of communications patents. motorola has sought up to $4 million a year. people running windows seven can now upgrade to the latest version. the company released microsoft 10. the upgrade comes one month after the launch of the same browser for computers running windows eight. some 150 million people use windows seven.
5:48 pm
text messaging is actually on the decline. analysts say while the number of monthly texts are down it's not that people are communicating less they said instead more people are using apps like skype and google world as well as i message and blackberries messenger. the march of dimes released its preterm report card today and it's good news for california families. california earned a b for 2011. the march of dimes says 9.8% or 53,000 babies in california were born prematurely last year. that is down from 9.9% in 2010. march of dimes officials say babies born too early are more at risk for illness and learning disabilities. >> if we can teach women about the importance of health care and in getting prenatal care before they get pregnant if we can get interventions put into
5:49 pm
place to help women have a healthier baby we can reduce the preterm birthrate. the march of dimes hopes to reduce california's premature birthday to 9.6% by 2020. small aircrafts that were used just last week to help victims of superstorm sandy are now headed to the scrap yard. the army had planned to get rid of the aircraft last year. the small planes are suited for assisting during disasters. >> to be able to get into smaller runways and land that's huge. because you can't pick where you're going to have a disaster. >> reporter: the air force says the cuts are part of the budget constraints and in the future it will use larger c130 aircrafts to help respond to disasters. well enjoy this warm
5:50 pm
weather. because rain is coming up in the forecast. >> following this week of really nice fall weather we fall more into a moist pattern. right now you have showers north of area. that's live storm tracker 2. that's the way it looks the next sup couple of days, as we head into friday, thursday night into friday then we get showers are coming out of the west. it's not a big storm. but just sort of opens the door up and allows for subsequent weather systems to come knocking. that's where we are. as i look at it and i look around my house and what do we have? a good time to get the gutters cleaned. get ready. because as we move into the next few weeks it looks like we have a nice wet pattern coming our way. the forecast highs tomorrow will be warmer than these. these were the highs from today. nice day, 70 in morgan hill, 71 in oakland. highs tomorrow warmer still. we'll see some low 70s. more low 70s. the weather system is to the north of us. there's a weather system out
5:51 pm
here. so you kind of see the weather in the amount of time. jet stream is really where that main flow of clouds is. that's basically where the jet stream is this time of year. this whole area if you've noticed we shifted south. which is according to the seasons exactly what you expect. as the days get shorter the jet streams starts to slide south. that's because it divides the cool air from the warm air essentially. the air is getting cooler here, the jet stream goes south. these clouds start to move in enabling us showers. as we get into wednesday, 7:00, not a bad day the whole day looks good. more clouds on thursday. some sprinkles start to show up. and then as we get in to see the showers, thursday night and friday morning we have some waves of moisture. none of this looks massive it's just wet. but there's more behind it and that means more showers. you see that in the five day forecast. your bay area forecast for tomorrow. another gig one, a couple of
5:52 pm
good ones actually. whatever you have to do outside you might want to get it done and get ready for a wet spell. the five day forecast for your bay area with the weekend in view looks like this. friday looks wet, saturday a sprinkle in there. sunday some rain and showers. and they might get a few feet of snow in the mountains. a return to winter. >> pretty typical. >> yeah, very typical. how a woman who was trying to be a good samaritan ended up becoming the victim of a crime. you know how much grandma
5:53 pm
wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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contra costa county smokers are getting some help kicking the habit. for the next few days health officials will provide people with tips. the free services and products are available through a number of -- across the country. now strangers are stepping up to repay her kindness. the mother of six stopped her vehicle and ran to help victims of an accident near seattle on saturday. she crawled through a broken window and helped stabilize a bleeding driver and his passenger until a rescuing crew
5:56 pm
arrived. but when she returned to her vehicle, she discovered $900 she had been saving for rent were missing from her purse. >> just instant tears, $900, almost two weeks worth of work. >> reporter: since word of the theft got out, people have been wanting to help. they've donated more than $4,000 to the woman and her family. san francisco's port commission met this afternoon to talk about plans for the golden state warrior arena. the commission discussed the fiscal feasibility of the project. just last week the city's budget and legislative analyst reported the arena would raise $1,500 for san francisco in the first year and an additional million dollars the replaning years. some are critical of the arena saying it's too big and will lead to traffic problems in that area. we talk to a competitive bicyclists who was struck and left unconscious while the
5:57 pm
driver took off with his bicycle still hanging off the car. we're live in daly city where crews are still cleaning mud. the critical work that still has to be done on this street and why repairs are against a tight time line. w
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anybody shouldn't have been able to get away with this. run down while on a morning ride. this man says he was hit and left unconscious as the driver left with the bike still stuck to his car. good evening everybody i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. what makes this story more unsettling is what happened while the bicyclist was still unconscious. patti lee has the story from san francisco where she spoke to the man who is still recovering. >> reporter: the driver first hit him from behind then took off with his bike. in the last two hours, park police started preupting these fliers to help generate leads and they say they already have a good head start -- started printing these


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